Israeli settlers attack Palestinians near Ibrahimi Mosque

PNN/ Hebron/

On Wednesday, a group of Israeli settlers gathers outside the Ibrahimi Mosque and assaulted Palestinian citizens, in protest against the Adan (Muslim call for prayers) via loudspeakers used in the mosque.

Palestinian citizen, Yacoub Abu Jihad, said that the settlers beat him and held him for several hours. One of them threatened to kill him sooner or later and held him in a nearby shop for several hours before he was released.

He pointed out that the settlers harassed the people living in the area, playing loud songs through loudspeakers in the area, adding that when he complained to the guard  about the inconvenience, she verbally assaulted him, before settlers ganged up around him and started beating him.

Palestinian showpowner, Abdul Ra’ouf al-Muhtasib, was also attacked by settlers who broke into his ceramics and airticrafts shop.


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