“MADA” issues a special report on attacks against media freedoms in Jerusalem

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) issued a special report on the Israeli attacks against media freedoms in the occupied city of Jerusalem,( there is no Palestinian official presence in the city, so there is no Palestinian violations there), which is essentially a policy of evacuating the city from any Palestinian media presence that could expose the practices, and attacks of the Israeli occupation and its discriminatory policies in Jerusalem, by allowing (The Occupation) the use of various means against the media and journalists to prevent the appearance of any image or information other than the Israeli narrative.

The report covers in detail the exposure of journalists and media in the city of Jerusalem to Israeli attacks during the period from the beginning of 2016 until the middle of 2018 (ie, in two and a half years), knowing that Israel has subjected the city to its control and laws since its occupation in 1967, Despite the international position rejecting this measure contrary to international law and the consequent facts.
The report pointed to the increasing frequency and intensity of violence in the Israeli targeting of media freedoms in the city of Jerusalem compared to other Palestinian governorates, although the Israeli occupation attacks did not stop the escalation in quantity and quality (violence) in various Palestinian places.

The report shows that 21% of all attacks perpetrated by the Israeli occupation against media freedoms in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since the beginning of 2016 until mid-2018 occurred in Jerusalem alone, as well as dozens of other attacks against journalists in Jerusalem during their coverage of events outside the city, One out of every five Israeli attacks against media freedoms in Palestine lies within the city of Jerusalem.

During the period covered by the report, the Israeli occupation carried out a total of 833 attacks against media freedoms in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. Of these, 173 occurred inside Jerusalem alone, 21% of all Israeli attacks documented by MADA.

The report stresses that many Israeli violations of media freedoms in Jerusalem are part of the serious attacks on the lives of journalists and the media agencies and their ability to do their work. The most prominent of these were physical assaults and injuries, arrests, house and institutional raids, confiscation and destruction of equipment, and the removal of journalists from some areas for long periods of time (the ban was extended in one of these cases for three months).
The report shows that the injuries and physical assaults amounted to 71 attacks, or 41% of the total 173 Israeli attacks in Jerusalem.

The report also refers to a number of unconventional violations used by the Israeli occupation authorities to suppress the press and the media and to cover up Israeli attacks and policies imposed in Jerusalem.

Among the most prominent are the expulsion of journalists from the hot spots (such as the Old City), the report monitored five such cases. Also

the prevent of live coverage, which constituted about 26% of the total violations, the ongoing prosecution of journalists, and restrict them in various ways to undermine any opportunity for them to continue their work and to end any Palestinian media presence in the city.