Canawati .. a sarcastic journalist or an investigator reporter?


“Ammar ya Balad”, a radio talk show presented and hosted by George Canawati, is considered one of the most influential shows in palestine.

The show is broadcasted on radio Bethlehem 2000; one of palestines leading radio networks, and published on social media platforms.

Canawati has been hosting “Ammar ya balad” since over 5 years, using a sarcastic style in presenting and laying issues and problems, reaching out to Palestinian officials on various levels, even though he starts his show by criticizing officials and their responsibilities towards their jobs.

Canawati, who’s RB2000’s administrative and financial manager today, not its owner, as some would think, combines professional management and journalistic work as part of his work with rb2000, in which he has held for more than 15 years.

He meets people in his offices, listens to them over the phone, via Social media platform’s messages in order for him to choose the subject of his episode, then holds officials accountable for their neglecting towards their responsibilities in many cases.

He brings proofs and evidence to support his claim and shares people opinions on air leading to the truth. So you find yourself listening to Canawati with his sarcastic style in the beginning of the episode, but end up listening to him holding officials accountable, and in many cases bringing the rights to their owners!