Israeli soldiers, bulldozers storm Khan Al-Ahmar 

PNN/ Jerusalem/

A large Israeli army force stormed the Khan Al-Ahmar on Monday morning, accompanied by three military bulldozers.

The residents of the area and the Popular Resistance committee confronted the raid, during which IOF arrested one of the young men who stood up to the bulldozers of the occupation.

The military vehicles of the occupation army were deployed on the main road between Jericho and Jerusalem, where the village is located, and intensified their presence in the area.

This morning as well, settlers of Kfar Adumim flooded the village with sewage water.
It is noteworthy that the settlers flooded the village’s land a few days ago with sewage as well, which caused great harm to citizens and their livestock.

جرافات تدخل الخان الاحمر

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