Qatari funded fuel pumped to only power plant in Gaza

PNN/ Gaza/

Fuel trucks funded by the Qatari government on Tuesday morning began entering the Gaza strip through Kerem Shalom commercial crossing, southeast of the Strip.

Six fuel trucks funded by Qatar are scheduled to enter the strip today, pumping fuel for the only power plant in the Gaza Strip.

The “Israel” conditioned the process of entering fuel to the Strip in exchange with keeping calm and threatened to prevent it in case the Great Return March demonstrations continue.

The agreement came within the framework of the donor conference held recently in New York and with Israeli approval,  under which Qatar was allowed to finance part of the Gaza Strip’s electricity by providing the necessary fuel, which is expected to double the electricity hours, ie eight hours.

Haaretz newspaper pointed out that the Qatari funding was estimated with tens of millions of dollars, and comes after months of talks between the UN envoy to the region Nikolai Mladenov and the special envoy of the region, Mohammed Al-Emadi.

The residents of the Gaza Strip suffer a severe crisis due to the electricity shortage, which does not exceed the daily hours of 4 hours, which caused significant losses on the level of the economy, and affected all walks of life in the sector.

The Israeli lines provide about 120 megawatts, while the sector needs about 500 megawatts, at a time when the power plant stops working because of the lack of fuel to operate.

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