PJS :US embassy’s invitation of Palestinian journalists is “unprecedented insolence”


The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate (PJS) condemned American Embassy’s invitation to a number of Palestinian journalists to attend a meeting in the embassy in light of the US administration policies against the Palestinian people.

The Syndicate considered the invitation of Palestinian journalists to the embassy, which was just moved to Jerusalem, unprecedented insolence, especially as it comes at a time when the US administration is working to eliminate Palestinian rights with all its political, national and historical dimensions.

“We trusts our journalists and calls on them to boycott the American call in response to their absolute bias  positions with the occupying state,” the syndicate said in a statement.

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate considered any positive responding to this invtation represents a departure from the national consensus and encouraging the US and Israel to persevere in their aggressive policies against our people and our cause.

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