PLO Official Reveals: What Palestinian President Will Say at the United Nations General Assembly


PLO Executive Committee member, Ahmed Majdalani, said that President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the United Nations next week will focus mainly on the peace process and the role of the United States in the process. What is more, on the position of President Trump’s administration which does not follow the former US administrations.

Majdalani added that president Abbas will also reaffirm his commitment to the decisions of the National and Central Councils, which include ending of the transitional period and the suspension of recognition of Israel until it will announce the recognition of Palestinian state. In addition, the speech includes a definition of the relationship with the occupation during the transition stage.

Majdalani explained that President Abbas will present to the General Assembly the constructive steps taken by the Palestinian leadership in order to end the division and complete the national reconciliation with Hamas Movement in order to achieve the national unity of Palestinian people.

More over, the President will emphasize the continuation of his commitments for the people living in Gaza, pointing out that the leadership will take different steps if Hamas will continue to refuse ending the division, Majdalani said.
The member of the Executive Committee pointed out that president Abbas will visit the United Nations in order to explain the Palestinian position and to get international support for his political initiative, announced last February, that will include an international conference for peace in the Middle East.

Majdalani stressed that there is no indication of the so-called “lie of the century” and there is no initiative or document, which describes the practical plan of the United States serving Israel on the ground by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and undermining the right of return for Palestinian refugees by stopping support to UNRWA and ending the border issue through the extension of Israeli sovereignty on the Palestinian territories.

On the president’s visit to France today, Majdalani stressed that the leadership now relies on the French president and the French government to have a greater position towards reactivating the French initiative of calling for an international peace conference and recognition of the Palestinian state which will encourage several European countries that wait for the French position until now, Majdalani said.

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