Andrawos Bassous a Palestinian/Swedish photographer with multiple skills and talents


Andrawos Bassous, a Palestinian/Swedish photographer, was born on November 11, 1991. A man of multiple skills and talents, he moves as easily in the world of photography as in the world of music.

His exceptional photography drove Facebook to verify his Facebook page (Andrawos Bassous Photography) and check how he was able to secure more than half a million followers in less than two years. He was later awarded the Blue Verification badge, being the first Palestinian photographer to receive it.

Despite the movement restrictions on Palestinians, Andrawos has been able to take unconventional and creative photographs – especially of Palestinian weddings – which has attracted young people from around the Arab world to his Facebook page. Andrawos is also on Snapchat (behind the scenes), with thousands of fans eager to follow his photography instructions.

He has won the appreciation of regional and international media and was featured in the Swedish news as well as on Sabah al-Khair Ya Arab, which aired on MBC from Dubai. He has also appeared in several television interviews.

His musical ability led him to Berlin, where he played the Scottish drum in front of 18,000 spectators. In addition to participating in many international music championships, Andrawos has played with the world champion in drumming – Jim Kilpatrick MBE – in Glasgow, Scotland. He has also won numerous prizes and awards around the world, including one at the Scandinavian Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With his sister Beatrice, Andrawos played and sang the best hit songs of Ramadan’s dramas, and then mixed all the songs into one. The video hit more than a million views in one week and trended on many social media websites. Al-Arabiya News Channel mentioned the video on its renowned morning show Sabah Al-Arabiya under the title “A Swedish/Palestinian young guy and his sister are gaining wide popularity as they sing hit songs from Ramadan’s dramas.” Andrawos continued to make more videos with his sister Beatrice, including one in which they sing a

Turkish song entitled “A Sad Winter.” For the second time in a row, the video hit more than one million views.

Many Arab and International  TV channels reported on it, such as BBC Radio – London, in its program BBC Extra; Al-Hurra TV, and Al-Quds newspaper.