Israile Occoupations Forces Demolition Wadi al-Ahmar Neighborhood of Khan al-Ahmar East of Jerusalem this morning

IOF Demolish Wadi alAhmar Neighborhood of Khan alAhmar which was built  two days ago


Israeli Occoupation army demolished Thursday Wadi alAhmar Neighborhood of Khan alAhmar which was built  two days ago, by the resistance committee and the Popular Resistance Committees  as part of efforts to protect the  Khan alAhmar, which is also under threat of demolition.

Israeli occupation forces demolished the village of Wadi alAhmar early today, after occupation forces besieged the Al-Khan area and stormed the mobile homes built in the area called Wadi al-Ahmar village, activists and journalists told PNN.

According to them, IOF besieged the area and brought trucks to Wadi alAhmar Neighborhood of Khan alAhmar where they dismantled the five houses that were built.

Israeli occupation forces besieged the village of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar and prevented activists  from reaching Wad Al-Ahmar area who gathered in the opposite hill and chanted national slogans condemning the occupation’s policies.

Shadi al-Mutawar, secretary of the Fatah movement in Jerusalem told PNN”The Israeli occupation forces destroyed  Al-Wadi al-Ahmar, which we built a few days ago, to express our right to build on the land of the Palestinian state.

He said that hundreds of Palestinians are now  ready to defend our people in Al-Khan,addeing that “Any  Israeli attempt to target Khan  Al-Ahmar is a war crime and we will confront the occupation .”

Al-Mutawar  said Palestinians will sue the occupation government and every  Israeli soldier who participates in the aggression against  Khan alAhmar in the International Criminal Court .