US administration defining BDS movement at American Universities

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The US administration is considering measures to ban and sanction the international movement to boycott Israel, from U.S. universities where the movement thrives.

Hebrew sources said the U.S. administration has already started taking steps to ban the BDS movement in American university, after Kenneth L. Marcus  was appointed as the new director of the Department of Civil Rights in the United States.

Marcus announced the start of an investigation into old cases, the most important of which was the Rutgers University case in New Jersey, where there will be an investigation into its activities, and deal with a number of reported anti-Semitic incidents against Jewish students  several years ago.

The Obama administration closed the file at the time, however, Marcus told the Zionist Organization in America that he would cancel the decision of the Obama administration and reconsider the case to see whether this is a case of religious hatred or attacks on ethnic groups.

According to Israeli media, the Trump government also began to define the activities of the boycott campaign against the State of Israel as anti-Semitic.

Arab and Palestinian activists and supporters at the United States expressed their disappointment with the anti-BDS decision, saying that the US administration has taken a side in the conflict and “decided to accuse all those who sympathize with the Palestinian cause as anti-Semitic.”