Wadi alAhmar Neighborhood of Khan alAhmar Established

Wadi alAhmar Neighborhood of Khan alAhmar Established


The Popular Resistance Committees and the Wall and Settlement Resistance committee announced the establishment of Wadi al-Ahmar early Tuesday as part of their efforts to protect  Kan alAhmar, which Israel has announced its intention to demolish.

The activists said in a statement :”‏We, activists of the Palestinian Popular Resistance, announce the estblishment of the new Wadi alAhmar Neighborhood in Khan alAhmar, ahead of the looming eviction threat by Israeli forces”.

‏The neighborhood was established at the authority of the Palestinian people, without pleading for permits or any other form of authorisation from the Occupation. It was constructed to undermine the plan to ethnically cleanse Kan alAhmar in the coming days.

‏The neighborhood was named after the novel of the same name by Syrian writer, Abdallah Tantawi, which tells the story of Sheikh Izz Addin alQassam in the Palestinain revolution.

‏Wadi alAhmar is located a few hundred meters to the east of Khan alAhmar, between the village and the Israeli Jewish-only settlement of Kfar Adomim.

‏It was established by about a hundred activists in a few hours, under the cover of the desert darkness, unnoticed by Israeli forces patrolling the area.