Gazans burn Trump because of his support for Israel


During their participation in the great march of return in its 24th week, hundreds of Palestinian youths in the Gaza Strip burned pictures and dolls of US President Donald Trump to express their anger at the US president’s support for Israel.

Hundreds of angry Palestinian youths burned dolls representing US president Donaled Trump in Khan Younis city for his crimes against the Palestinian people.

The participants also hanged a dolls representing US President Donald Trump and said a day will come when  Palestinians would bring USA Presidant for  accountable and acheve justice.

Khaled al-Batsh High Commission member of the Return march Movement said: We reject the decisions of the American administration against the Palestinian refugees  right to return.

Al-Batsh adedd that Trump administration responsible for any repercussions in the region because of its recent reckless decisions on the Palestinian issue and call  USA to back down.

One of the participants in the march said :”The US president oppresses the Palestinians and supports the State of Israel, the occupying state.

He added :”We are her today to say that Trump and his aggressive positions aginst the Palestinian national rights will not change anything”.

On the contrary, these positions increase our adherence to our national rights, and right of return is on top of these rights.

Palestinian woman who took part in the march in which the Trump picture was burned, said that we tell the American president that your positions increase our commitment to the right of return.

The demonstrations,  protested U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to cut the entire U.S. aid budget of the UN agency UNRWA in charge of assisting Palestinian refugees and their descendants.

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