"Key of Return" at the entrance of Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

Palestinians: Trump decision is meaningless & right of return is inevitable

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Palestinian citizens on Monday continued to express reactions against US President Donald Trump’s statements on the Palestinian issue, including the decision to stop the funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) as part of pressure on the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people to abolish Palestinian national rights, including the right of return.

In this context, PNN conducted interviews with Palestinian refugees living in one of the older refugee camps, Aida, north of Bethlehem.

The elderly, Abdul Majid Abu Srour, who was forced to emigrate from his original village of Beit Natif in 1948, told PNN that the decision reflects the power and control of the Zionist lobby over the US administration headed by President Trump.

“These decisions mean nothing to the Palestinians,” he said, “instead, it strengthens our commitment to our rights, most importantly the right to return to our homes, a right guaranteed by international legitimacy.”

“Dignity is priceless” written outside the UNRWA services office in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem.

To his part, Ahmed Abu Salem of the village of Ras Abu Ammar, affirmed that Trump’s decision is aimed at canceling the rights of the refugee population.

Abu Salem stressed that no one can and will not be able to write off these rights because the right of return has been inherited by generations that will continue to learn that it has a right to its land in historic Palestine.

Abu Salem added that the aid for UNRWA and others is not a grant or a charity.

“If the United States wants to relinquish this responsibility, it will reflect its real face on the one hand, but it also will increase the determination of the Palestinians to educate their future generations that the right of return is a sacred right that they will not give up,” he said.


Legal and legal bodies working in the field of refugee rights, headed by BADIL Center, the Palestinian Center for Refugee and Landlord Resources, said that the United States and the Trump administration is acting as if it was gibing charity to UNRWA, when in fact it is an international agency and the world must assume its responsibilities towards it.

Director General of the Center, Nidal Al-Azza said that there are steps to be taken in order to expose the US position, through public and popular steps, various national action groups and refugee rights institutions, in addition to taking steps on the international and Arab levels.

Al-Azza pointed out that there is scope of taking steps by the PLO, where there is supposed to be a clear decision by the Arab League not to transfer UNRWA’s responsibilities to the host countries, in addition to the need for new resolutions by the UN General Assembly obliging countries to contribute to the UNRWA budget to meet the basic needs and programs of the services.

Al-Azza also stressed the importance of taking several measures and steps on many levels in order to preserve the international institutions, since its presence preserves the rights of the refugees, which the United States seeks to write off.