Palestinians gather inside demolition threatened homes in Walaja

PNN/ Bethlehem/

A number of Palestinian citizens were injured after they stood up to the Israeli army’s attempts to demolish four houses in Battir village, west of Bethlehem. Eventually, the army demolished two out of four houses.

Local sources in the village said that the residents gathered in two houses early Monday and tried to prevent the Israeli soldiers who stormed the village with large forces and besieged a number of houses that the occupation had notified the citizens for demolition yesterday.

According to the sources, a number of citizens were injured after a large army forces stormed the houses where they were barricaded and fired live bullets, rubber bullets and gas bombs at the citizens and forced them to leave the houses.

Local sources in the village said that the Israeli occupation forces prevented ambulances belonging to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society from entering the village and prevented journalists and the media from reaching  , forcing ambulances to try to enter the village from secondary roads in order to reach the injured.

Hundreds of Israeli civilians stormed a house from dawn until morning and chanted national slogans condemning the occupation, stressing the adherence of our people to their national rights. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers and border guards broke into the house and fired bullets, sound bombs and gas and forced the residents to leave the house.

Local sources pointed out that the demolition order says the homeowners should demolish the homes by themselves, and if they don’t, the occupation authorities will do so at the expense of homeowners.

The village of Al Walaja has been under occupation for a long time by the Israeli occupation. Dozens of houses have been demolished and another section has been reported to have been demolished.

Posted by ‎فراس الاطرش‎ on Sunday, September 2, 2018