Officials: Security service achieve stability despite difficult work conditions & Israeli Obstacles

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Palestinian Officials said that the Israeli security puts obstacles and delay the work of Palestinian security forces in the areas classified as C and B  in the west bank according to Oslo agreement.

The Governor of Bethlehem, Major General Jibreen Al-Bakri said in an interview with PNN that Palestinian security forces face Israeli Obstacles in establishing security in areas C & B .

As for the security forces activity in Area C of the West Bank, which falls under Israeli control, Al-Bakri said that the security forces face Israeli disruption of the work  in establishing security, however, he said that there have been security measures related to the work of the Committee of Public Safety and Traffic and Public Relations and also related to cooperation with local councils, whether municipalities or village councils are not linked to areas A, B or C.

Al-Bakri added that the Palestinian security forces are working to serve the Palestinian people and succeeded despite all Israeli obstacles.

the success of the Palestinian security forces has hit 90% in Bethlehem with follow-up on various issues, including traffic violations management, and pursuing drug dealers by civil institutions such as public safety committees, civil defense, customs control and other ministries that carry out their work with the support and efforts of civil bodies.

Al-Bakri said that the security services are using security measures related to Public Safety and Traffic Committee through working with Local councils, including municipalities or village councils.

Director of Bethlehem Governorate Police,  Brigadier General Al-Shalabi,  pointed out that the occupation forms barriers in some areas to prevent access of Palestinian security forces to the Palestinian countryside on a permanent basis.

“This allows an opportunity for the situation of chaos, especially in the file of illegal vehicles [from Israel], besides that these vehicles are cheap, allowing the Palestinian citizen to buy a vehicle with 500 or 1000 shekels.”

The security forces confiscate these vehicles to prevent unlicensed cars with no insurance.

In addition, Shalaby confirmed that the police are pursuing and seeking to arrest all drug providers to the judiciary system, due to intensive activity in anti-narcotics.

The brigader pointed out cooperation between the police and security services in order to reach any place suspected of cultivation of narcotics, and to prosecute any drug abusers and bringing them to justice.

The Bethlehem Police Director also pointed out that there are lectures to provide awareness and guidance to be given to young people through a program to be developed in coordination between public relations in the police and public relations in the Directorate of Education in addition to awareness campaigns during the summer camps and lectures in universities where they are defined Students are at risk of using these drugs.