MK: We must assassinate Hamas leaders before they bomb Tel Aviv

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Former Israeli Knesset member Moti Yogev said on Thursday that Hamas leaders should have been assassinated “a long time ago” to protect Tel Aviv.

“We can not evade responsibility for the Gaza Strip,” he said, responding to comments by Yahya al-Sanwar, head of the Hamas political bureau in Gaza. “We should have assassinated al-Sanwar and Muhammad al-Deif for a long time.”

Al-Sunwar had earlier threatened Hamas bombing Tel Aviv, saying: “If the war were to take place, the siren would remain in Tel Aviv for half a year”.

Yogev explained that assassinating the two men would be helpful to Israel’s protection.

This is not the first time Yogev has made such a threat. In April he told Israeli channel Channel 7 that the “terror leaders” of Hamas in Gaza must be assassinated. Around the same time, Meanwhile, MK Nissan Slomiansky also told the channel: “There is no choice except the ouster of Hamas government in Gaza.” and deputy Israeli army minister Eli Ben-Dahan threatened to wipe Hamas out and end its rule in the Gaza Strip.