Hamas leader in Gaza: Siege will end soon and  prisoner exchange deal discussed 


Yahya al-Sinwar Hamas movement  leader in the Gaza Strip, revealed during meeting with met with 30 analysts, media managers, editors a number of incidents that took place in recent weeks on several files, most importantly the recent Israeli escalation on the Gaza Strip, truce with the occupation. As well as what he called progress in the prisoners exchange deal with Israel, local sources in Gaza Strip reported .

Al-Sinwar spoke for five hours and answered several questions and had discussions on various issues mostly focused on Gaza future.

Sinwar also revealed an assassination attempt to kill him in Gaza Strip and said that an explosive device had been put in order to blow it out, pointing out that the incident occurred after two weeks of reconciliation meetings last October.

He added that the ones who stands behind assassination attempt is a certain body in Palestinian intelligence service aming  to sabotage reconciliation efforts between Fatah and Hamas.

Talks or efforts to achieve a prisoner exchange deal with Israel  were revealed for the first time by Sinawar  when he said  that threr is an possibility of a prisoner exchange deal, adding that he had submitted papers and proposals in the file of the Israeli soldiers prisoners in Gaza.

There may be movement in this file during the coming period in parallel with the truce But without an intersection or link in the two files. ” Sinwar said.

On the issue of calm between Israel and Hamas , Al-Senwar said that the time limit for reaching the truce is not long adding that in two weeks there will be significant improvement until mid-October.

The leader of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip point out that there is dialogue on the truce and the possibility of obtaining a stabilization of the truce in 2014 , indicating that the time limit to reach the truce is not long.

Al-Sinawar also said that Hamas had sent a message through international mediators that it would turn the boiler in the face of the occupation, stressing that his movement is capable of continuing a full six-month military confrontation with Israel and would make all Israeli sirens work in Gush Dan.

Hamas leader said that his movment continues to develop its combat capabilities adding that what prevents us from doing that now dayes is only lack of funds.

He admitted that they had entered hundreds of tons of weapons during the siege of 2015 and 2016 .

On the reconciliation efforts with Fatah, Hamas leader  said that a delegation from his party finish meetings yastarday with with Egyptian General Intelligence officials, where they received the response of Fatah on the Egyptian paper, explaining that this response is worse than the response of the movement On the first sheet “.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen will lose much if he impose new sanctions on Gaza because it will promote the excess, pointing out that any new sanctions will be imposed on Gaza will be breaking the rules of the game and our response will be different” Hamas leader said.

He also stressed that Hamas will not hand over the Gaza either above the ground or below, except for a national unity council that elects new PLO executive committee that will run the Strip on a national basis,as he said.

Yahya al-Sunwar the Hamas leader asked the journalists who attended the meeting to convey a message from him  to the people of Gaza, in which he said that the siege would soon be broken , perhaps within two months.

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