West Bank: New Israeli regulation to keep settlements built on Palestinian owned land

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli court decided to keep hundreds of settlement units in the West Bank which the Palestinians proved their ownership of the land they were built on, in an unprecedented first.

Yedioth Ahronoth reported that the central court in Jerusalem last night accepted a lawsuit filed by settlers from the   Mitzpe Kramim settlement outpost north of Ramallah, which is located on land owned by Palestinians who proved their ownership of the land.

The court approved the settlers’ lawsuit saying their houses were part of a judicial procedure called “market regulations.”

According to the above mentioned procedure, any deal in the West Bank with the consent of the Civil Administration and without its objection is valid, even if it takes place on private Palestinian land. Therefore, if the Jews settle in the West Bank with the consent of the military governor, the move is considered legal, and the settlers would not be forced to evacuate.

While the position of the Israeli prosecution was different and opposed the settlement of the building on private Palestinian land, it was changed following pressures by the Israeli minister of justice, Ayelet Shked, in addition to calls by Attorney General Avihai Mendelbit, who suggested using the system and the court accepted the proposal.

This decision will reflect on hundreds of settlement units in the West Bank, and there will no longer be a need to evacuate these units.
  Judge Arnon Daral confirmed that he accepted the settlers’ claim that they had settled the land with the military ruler’s consent and therefore should not be evicted, however, the landowners must be compensated while the settlement outpost would be whitewashed.


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