(Photo by ABBAS MOMANI / AFP) (Photo credit should read ABBAS MOMANI/AFP/Getty Images)

Palestinian mail arrives – eight years late 


The Palestinian postal services are working overtime to sort through over 10 tonnes of mail blocked by Israel, according to the AFP.

The post, dating from as far back as 2010, contains letters, parcels and even items such as medicines and wheelchairs for the disabled.

A Palestinian postal official told AFP that it would take at least another two weeks to sort and deliver.

The mail had been denied access via Jordan, but was released in a one-off deal with the Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA).

Ramadan Ghazawi, an official at the sorting centre in Jericho, said it appeared that some items had been blocked for security reasons, while others were barred on administrative grounds.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority Communications Minister, Allam Moussa, accused Israel of failing to implement an agreement signed in 2016 that allowed international mail to enter the Palestinian Territories without first going through the Israeli postal service.

An IOA source informed the AFP that an agreement was currently in the works, but gave no further details

Israeli Occupation Authorities control all entrance and exits to the West Bank, and can arbitrarily prevent the movement of Palestinian people and goods across international crossings and borders.