Lieberman: Occupation calm in return for Gaza calm 

Bethlehem / PNN/

Israeli Minister of Army, Avigdor Lieberman, said  on Thursday morning that the calm in Gaza will be met by calm from Israel, adding that there is no need for clandestine visits by representatives of other agencies.

“With all due respect to the initiatives of Egypt and the United Nations, we are working only for our sake, and there is no need for secret visits,” Lieberman was quoted as saying by Radio 103.

Egyptian intelligence chief General Abbas Kamel visited Tel Aviv yesterday and will meet President Abbas in Ramallah today..

Channel 10, citing Arab sources, revealed that Abbas Kamel had come to discuss a truce arrangement between the occupation authorities and Hamas, as the parties seek to reach agreement on key issues.

The channel said that these include an agreement for calm and restraint from occupation forces, the implementation of humanitarian projects in the Gaza Strip, indirect negotiations with Hamas to exchange prisoners, as well as an approval of Palestinian reconciliation.

According to Channel 10 sources, a truce could be announced in the presence of all Palestinian factions on Friday in Cairo.


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