Video : Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation opens new heart treatment center


The Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation has launched the official opening of the new heart department in the first hospital of its kind to feature such state-of-the-art training and equipment in Palestine.

The opening culminated in various events on Thursday, attended by many national and some international political figures.

Doctors and specialists representing international institutions working in the field of cardiology.

there was a special focus on Medtronic as well as the visiting volunteers from Imperial College London.

Before the official opening, a press conference was held on the opening and a campaign to examine and identify heart disease prevention and treatment. Specialists have also been published in association to provide insight for citizens.

And the first conference of cardiovascular diseases hosted a group of doctors and professors in medicine from London in order to create an opportunity to support science and medicine in Palestine.

Dr. Ramzi Khamis said that the opening of the Cardiology Department at the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation is being sponsored and supported by President Mahmoud Abbas.

He also said that the idea for opening the cardiac center began at the first meeting in 2015 with Director General of the Arab Society for Rehabilitation, Edmond Shehadeh. The closest heart treatment centers before the new Cardiovascular Center were in Jerusalem or Hebron.

The Arab Society for Rehabilitation also witnessed its first conference on Cardiovascular Diseases. It hosted local and international specialized doctors, namely those from Medtronic International Company and  volunteers from Imperial College of Medicine in London.

What Dr. Ramzi Khamis believes is the most important aspect of the heart department will be that the local nurses serving the hospital have been trained locally and in Jordan with the help of a partnership with London and several other International partners.

Services provided in the new Cardiovascular Center will include emergency treatment, angioplasty treatment, transplants, open heart surgery and rehabilitation for cardiovascular injuries.

The center will operate according to international standards, including in a diagnostic department, anesthesia unit and intensive care unit.

What distinguishes this center from others is its technology, which is picked from the latest advancements in cardiovascular treatment technology. The treatment center will also be headed by Dr. Shukri Osman, who after 17 years of working in a major research center in London, will be returning to his home country of Palestine for this work.

Dr. Shukri Othman was born in Tulkarm in the 1970s. He studied in Jordan and traveled to work in the UK.

His work abroad continued first as a nurse until he held senior positions in his workplace. Eventually, he worked as a service manger of the Cardiology Department at the Arab Society for Rehabilitation. With a Ph.D in his field, the association with a company in Britain will be paying his salary for several years.

Edmond Shehadah, director General of the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation said that the Bethlehem governorate lacked the simplest medical services, especially in the cardiovascular field.

It was necessary to work to found a specialized section that serves the people in the province, especially since time is the most important factor in the quality of life after cardiovascular trauma.

Shehadeh thinks that the most important aspects of the new cardiovascular institute is the modern technology and the advanced training for medical personnel.

Crediting his collaboration with Dr. Ramzi Khamis, Shehadeh praised him for his work in the most prestigious medical institutions in London before volunteering toward one of the best cardiovascular institutes in the entire region.

The idea for opening this center is to keep the services distinctive.

The Arab Society for Rehabilitation is interested in providing services for the Palestinian citizens by Palestinian and International professionals working to exchange experience, especially from those who worked outside Palestine.

The cardiology center understands the challenges of health care in Palestine, said Shehadeh. It will be equipped to work with the government, the clinical community and its partners in the world to improve cardiovascular health care in Palestine.

The director General of the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation said that the treatment will be available to all persons regardless of cost. Efforts are underway to include the section of cooperation agreements with the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Health.

Cooperation with various international organizations also have yielded important work in the charitable aspects of the Cardiovascular treatment center through providing funds necessary to treat patients at reduced-to-no charge. The philosophy of the Arab Society is the same since the foundation, providing charitable work in the field of medicine.

To achieve this work, the Arab Society needs cooperation with various bodies, including the Palestinian Authority.

Heart Disease in Palestine is an important factor in the increased mortality rate. The statistic in Palestine indicate that heart disease is one of the main causes of death in Palestine, with up to 30% of total deaths.

Survival rate is expected to improve with better and more timely access to the appropriate treatment.

The Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation was founded in 1960 as one of the houses of Leonard Cheshire. Today it is a nationally recognized non-profit organization for comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services. It especially works with those regardless of disability, sex, age, religion or social class.

The Bethlehem Arab Society has gradually committed itself to enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, inspired by the mission to fully integrate them into all aspects of community life.

Since its inception, the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation has developed innovative programs and services that address the emerging needs of the Palestinian community.

Medtronic, which is based in Dublin, Ireland, is one of the world’s foremost medical technology and services providers. The company has been credited with restoring and establishing proper healthcare for millions of people in 160 countries.

Medtronic employs more than 88,000 people around the world, serving doctors, hospitals and patients. Its focus on collaboration with healthcare providers around the world has benefited millions.


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