Majdalani: Central Executive Report is the result of several months’ work since the National Assembly

Ramallah / PNN
A member of the Executive Committee of the PLO, Ahmad Majdalani, said that a report due to be presented on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Central Council, which opens its discussions today, is the result of several months’ work since the National Assembly.
Majdalani told Voice of Palestine radio on Wednesday morning that specific issues and mechanisms will be submitted to the Central Council for approval before proceeding to implementation.
The Executive Committee member referred to a number of reports prepared by various committees, including the Reconciliation Committee, the Committee for the Implementation of National Decisions, the Participation of Women, and the Jerusalem Committee, all of which will be submitted to the Central Committee’s decision-making session.

Regarding the President’s speech at the opening session of the Central Council, a source says he will focus on the current political situation, especially with regard to the “deal of the century” and the stalling of the peace process, as well as occupation measures that seek to end the two-state solution.

In relation to the  Democratic Front’s boycott of the meeting, Majdalani suggested that it was not unusual in the Palestinian political system, pointing out there was an issue regarding democracy, but indicating that discussions will continue to take place before the Central Committee to ensure DFLP participation.

Majdalani also announced that, following the Central Council’s work this week, it will be necessary to hold an in-depth dialogue of PLO factions to consult on crucial issues.
Speaking of the truce sought by the US between Hamas and the occupation authorities, Majdalani stressed that the human suffering and siege conditions experienced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were being exploited as a means of driving forward the implementation of the so-called “deal of the century”.