Jordanian Authority continues investigation of the Al-Balqa Cell


Jordanian authorities announced on Monday that the Al-Balqa cell is not a terrorist organization, but a strong supporter of the terror group, Da’ash (ISIS/ISIL).

The members of the terrorist cell are Jordanian,” said Interior Minister Samir Moubaidin. “And the initial information does not indicate that they have links abroad.”

Moubaidin added that “investigations with detainees are underway and revealed other schemes to carry out a series of terrorist operations.”

“The terrorist cell is not organized, but they carry Takfiri ideology.” [an ideology that demonizes secular Muslims.]

Director of the Gendarmerie Major General Hawatma said that “the investigations show the cell originated recently and they belong to the Takfiri Ideology.”

A government spokeswoman said Jordan was fighting a battle against “terrorism” and that the Salt operation was “no exception.”

The announcement was during a joint press conference held to discuss the details of the operation. It was held by: Minister of Interior Samir Moubaidin, Government Spokesperson Jumana Ghneimat, Director of Gendarmerie Fadhil Al-Hamoud and Director of Public Security Hussain Al Hawatmeh in the Directorate of Gendarmerie.

Last Saturday, four Jordanian security forces were killed when a building collapsed during a security raid and the following pursuit of the wanted men in Salt, a village west of Amman.

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