Democratic Front to boycott Central Council session on Wednesday

 PNN/ Ramallah/

The Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) issued a statement in which it announced unanimously that it had decided to boycott the next session of the PLO Central Council, to be held in Ramallah on 15/8/2018.

In explaining the reasons for abstaining from participating in the Central Council session, the Political Bureau noted the rapid deterioration of the Palestinian political system and  the transformation of the Palestinian Authority following the coup of 14 June 2007, from a mixed presidential-parliamentary system to an authoritarian presidential system.

It is purely governed by decrees under the occupation and has made significant steps towards completing the transformation of the PLO (as bodies and institutions) from a parliamentary system into a presidential system that is more authoritarian than the Palestinian Authority.

The Politburo said that the seriousness of this shift in the PLO is that it will lead to the end of the PLO as the last bastion to be fortified and developed,once it has exhausted. The authority of self-governing autonomy has limited its purposes and turned into a mere service authority,

The Political Bureau stressed that the PLO is the last bastion of our national movement, and should be the incubator of the National Democratic Alliance. As a consequence, it requires, as a national priority, the opening of discussions to rebuild and develop and expand its representative character, as the status of the official decision making center is no longer limited to dissolving the Organization in power, as in the past, but is aimed at eliminating the rest of the Organization. Hence the seriousness of the matter, which must be addressed with necessary firmness.

The Political Bureau continued: “At the national level, in the battle against the ‘deal of the century” and the policies of the Netanyahu government, political machinations continued to disrupt the decisions of national bodies and institutions, including the decisions of the Central Council at its two sessions (2015-2018) and the National Council (30/4/2018), the possibility of reaching a “solution” under the Oslo ceiling, in what is called the “vision of the president”, and the possibility of reaching a “compromise” with the “deal of the century”, sponsored by some Arab countries.

In an an earlier statement on 11/8/2018, the Political Bureau called for a comprehensive national dialogue in the presence of the Chairman of the Executive Committee to agree on the outcomes of the next session of the Central Council. It also called for a discussion of the policy of disabling national consensus decisions through repeated references to study committees and others, including, in particular, the resolution voted on at the last session of the National Assembly unanimously to lift immediately the unjust measures against the Gaza Strip. However, this invitation has not been met by the official leadership, which the political bureau of the Democratic Front sees as insisting on the status of the decision, to keep the situation as it is, and to continue the policy of disrupting national consensus decisions and even opening the doors for further deterioration. This Is one of the most dangerous periods in the history of our contemporary national movement.

The Political Bureau of the Front stressed its keenness to work to overcome divisions, restore internal unity and strengthen the overall representative position of the PLO under the national consensus resolutions since the National Dialogue Conference in Cairo (2005), and the Cairo understandings (22/11/2018) The national dialogue rounds in the Egyptian capital (2009 + 2011 + 2013) and the outcome of the preparatory committee meeting in Beirut (January 2017).

The Political Bureau said that in light of the intransigence of the Palestinian official leadership and its insistence on disrupting the decisions of national consensus and national institutions,marginalizing them and further undermining them,and in order to preserve the Palestinian political system, it announces its decision to refrain from participating in the next session of the Central Council, Ramallah on 15/1/2018 and boycotting its business.

The political bureau concluded by stressing that the struggle to reform the national institution from within and in the field, and to remove the PLO and the national issue from the political impasse in which the Oslo Accords were committed, will remain an item on the front of the agenda of the Democratic Front organizations.The exit strategy from Oslo, the strategy of resistance and the intifada in the field, in international forums and organizations, the isolation of Israel, the collapse of the century deal, and the salvation from colonial occupation and colonization.