MoH: Emergency cancer medicine will be sent today to the Gaza Strip


The Palestinian Ministry of Health  on Monday said that it had sent three months’ supply of cancer medicines to its warehouses in the Gaza Strip.

Officials indicated that they had received a letter from Gaza warehouses cautioning that there was a shortage of this drug only yesterday.

The Ministry of Health sends shipments of various medicines to its warehouses in the area periodically, and a shipment of drugs for cancer patients was dispatched last month,

The ministry said that it was not aware of the shortage of these drugs because of the lack of full control over the ministry in Gaza. It added that immediately after receiving a letter stating that there was a shortage in this category, they worked to provide the medication directly, on the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah.

The ministry said the dispatch of cancer treatment to patients in the Gaza Strip had not been late, but stressed they had to be made aware of any depletion or near depletion of vital medicine, so that the lives of cancer patients were not endangered.

The ministry emphasized that the health and well-being of Palestinians was their primary concern, and that it is working to provide all services possible to people in the Gaza Strip.

Health officials pointed out that the ministry works to meet all the needs of hospitals and provides medicines and medical supplies, so that it can maintain the health system and keep it from collapsing.

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