IOF hand out threat to demolish martyr’s house

 PNN/ Ramallah/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continued their attacks on Palestinian civilians with a series of raids and arrests across the West Bank early today.

The Israeli army command ordered the demolition of the house of Mohammed Dar Yusuf from the village of Kobar, north of Ramallah, who they accused of the killing a settler and wounding at least two others, according to Israeli media. Dar Yusuf was subsequently killed by Israeli security forces.

Since the settler’s death, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have raided Dar Yusuf’s family’s home in the village of Kobar several times, threatening them with demolition.

According to local Palestinian sources, the IOF moved into the village at dawn this morning, and issued a warning to demolish the house of the martyr Mohammed Tariq Dar Yusuf.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces carried out arrests and searches across the West Bank. Eleven Palestinians,arrests in Jenin areas, including Jabaa and Zababdeh.

In Qalqilya, the Israeli occupation forces raided and searched a house before arresting boy from it.

In the the village of Beit Fajjar in the Bethleham governornate, the occupation army arrested two citizens.

Further south, in the Hebron governorate, local sources said that Israeli occupation forces launched a raid and search of houses in the town of Beit Kahel, where they arrested a  teacher and a  local editor.

Northwest of occupied Jerusalem, Israeli occupation forces arrested a man from Qubeiba village.

According to a spokesman for the IOF, weapons, money and ammunition were seized during the West Bank raids.