Netanyahu gov’t: Palestinian flags in Tel Aviv protest are largest proof of need for national law


Leading Israeli politicians argued that the waving of Palestinian flags at a demonstration against the nation-state law in Tel Aviv on Saturday night was the largest proof of Israel’s need for that law.

The rally was attended by up to 30,000 Israelis, most of whom were Arabs, with thousands waving Palestinian flags.

“There is no better evidence of the need for a national law,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on his Twitter account, referencing the waving of  Palestinian flags at thedemonstration.

“We will continue to raise the Israeli flag with pride and sing the Israeli national anthem,” Netanyahu said.

“I had no doubt that the flags of Palestine would be part of the background of the left-wing demonstration in Rabin Square tonight,” Minister of Culture and Sports Miriam Regev commented on her Facebook account. “The left and the Arabs of Israel prefer the colors of red, black and green, to blue and white.This is the difference between the state of all its citizens and the nation-state of the Jewish people. This is another reason for the importance of the national law.”

Regev continued, “this demonstration shows the existence of cooperation between the left and the Arabs who want another state, another government. They must understand: Hebrew is the official language of the State of Israel. The blue flag with the Star of David is the official flag, and Hatikvah is our our national anthem”

Science Minister Ofir Akunis claimed that “the dozens of flags of the PLO that swept through the Tel Aviv demonstration are decisive proof of the need for a national law, and if someone still has doubts about why the law is necessary, the pictures from Tel Aviv tonight are clear and unambiguous evidence.”

Akunis added, “in the face of those who object to Israel as the state of the Jewish people, to the blue and white flag, and to the anthem, the basic law is one of the most important laws enacted in Israel in recent years.”
And Israel’s Minister of Communications and Intelligence,Yisrael Katz, also criticized the rally.

“Palestinian flags are being raised at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv this evening in a demonstration against the national law,” he said. “They are protesting against Jewish nationalism and for Palestinian Arab nationalism.”
“It is not the words in the law that bother them,” asserted Katz “but the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. They will continue to demonstrate and we will continue to build and strengthen the State of Israel.”