MoH: 80% shortage of cancer drugs in Gaza puts patients’ lives at stake

Gaza/ PNN/

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Sunday the cessation of chemotherapy for cancer patients because of the depletion of drug stocks.

Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qadra said the provision of chemotherapy for cancer patients has been halted due to the lack of availability of the drug Neubogen, which is used to raise immunity in patients.

The spokesman pointed out that the depletion of 80% of the cancer drugs in Gaza make all therapeutic protocols completely impractical. As a result, this is putting the the lives of hundreds of patients in real danger if the drug crisis is not terminated immediately.

There are 6100 elderly tumor patients and 460 chldren receiving medical care at Rantisi Hospital in Gaza, while 1,700 patients with major tumors are being treated at the European Gaza Hospital in Khan Younis.

The Gaza Strip is currently suffering from severe living, humanitarian and health crises due to the continuation of the Israeli blockade since 2007, which has been exacerbated by imposition offurther sanctions last year

The “Himaya” Center for the Protection of Human Rights called on the President of the Authority to end all measures taken against Gaza.

The organisation also called on the  government to take immediate measures to rescue hundreds of patients and called on the World Health Organization to intervene quickly to resolve the health crisis and end the suffering of patients.

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