Gaza : three Palestinians Killed, 242 Wounded by IOF 


Three Palestinians Killed, 242 Wounded’ by Israeli Occoupations Forces in Border Protests Fraiday after noon  according local sources.

Today Saturday local sources told PNN that Ahmed Jamal Suleiman Abu Luli (40 years) died after being shot by the Israeli occupation during his participation in the peaceful march of return near the border east of Rafah city in the southern Gaza Strip yesterday.

Gaza’s Health Ministry reported that two Palestinians, one of whom was a medic, were killed and 242 Palestinians were wounded in clashes near the Gaza-Israel border .

The ministry said 106 of the casualties were taken to local hospitals and 70 were said to be wounded from live fire. Five are currently in serious condition.

The Palestinian medic was identified as Abdullah Al-Qatati, while the second victim was identified as saeed AL – Aloul a 55-year-old man from Rafah city south of Gaza.

Also the local sources added that another five paramedics, two reporters were injured during the clashes on the border of Gaza.

For his part  D. Jawad Awad Palestinian Minister of Health condemned, today, the killing of the medic, Abdullah al-Qatti (20 years), east of Rafah by Israeli occoupations army.

The killing of medic Qataiti brings the number of medical martyrs since 30 of march to 3 martyrs, including a lady D.Jawad Awad added.

The killing of paramedics is a flagrant violation of all international treaties and conventions, which call for the protection of paramedics in their humanitarian duty to rescue and care for the wounded.

The minister called on all international human rights organizations to take immediate action to protect unarmed citizens in all Palestinian cities who are subjected to various forms of killing by the Israeli occoupation army.

Thousands of protesters reportedly gathered in five locations along the border, where demonstrators threw firebombs and stones at IOF forces and set fire to tires.

The protests are part of the “March of Return,” weekly mass demonstrations for Palestinians’ right of return and opposition to policies, such as the U.S. embassy relocation to Jerusalem.

The IOF claim that number of Palestinians also threw a grenade at forces in northern Gaza, the military said, though no casualties were reported.

An IOF tank attacked a Hamas position in northern Gaza on two separate occasions and no casualties were reported also.

The committee in charge of the procession began calling on Gazans to join in protests before a cease-fire had been declared on Thursday.

An Egyptian said that a cease-fire deal had been reached between Israel and Hamas.

Since the beginning of the return marches, more than 170 Palestinian have been killed, including more than 25 children and 3 women, and about 20,000 people have been injured.