Live: Updates from Gaza strip

PNN/ Gaza/

TUESDAY 12:00 p.m.: An Israeli tank responded to supposed enemy fire by shelling areas of the Gaza Strip. Later, Israeli Forces determined that the shooting was from a nonthreatening naval commando drill.

Israeli military said that the attack was justified because of the drill’s proximity to the border fence and the immediately perceived threat.

They since have admitted their mistake to Hamas, via communication through Egypt. However IOF officials have said that a retaliatory attack will not be tolerated.

Gaza has since responded with 10 fires along the Gaza-Israel fence caused by incendiary kites and balloons. An airstrike on Monday also injured two Palestinians among a group of people preparing a balloon.

THURSDAY 10:00 a.m.: IOF Forces are sending troops to the south of Israel Proper in preparation for war with Hamas.

The preparations are from over 150 rockets fired from Gaza the night before.

Since that time, IOF has struck over 140 “Hamas Targets.” One Hamas figure was killed in the attacks.

Hamas released records of a 23 year old pregnant woman and her infant daughter who were killed in the strikes. The woman’s husband was injured.

At least six other Palestinians were injured in the airstrikes. One anonymous official is quotes saying that Gaza Civilians “will be the ones suffering.”


Updates will be posted as soon as new information is made available.