Rumors circulate, threaten Israel-Hamas deal


In the first days after the Hamas-Israel deal was announced, rumors have circulated about who stands to benefit most, and who is likely to back out from the deal first.

The months of violence that culminated in incendiary kites and balloons on the Gazan side of the fence and talks of a large-scale military campaign on the Israeli side have stopped because of the hope from a new deal brokered by Egypt.

The deal would see massive improvements to the quality of life behind a blockade that has damaged the country for the past 11 years. Many say the region is near total collapse, with few hours of electricity each day and enough medical supplies to last only a few months.

Special files have been opened within the deal. Israel has expressed a strong desire for the return of four soldiers, two of whom are known to be dead while the other two are not known to be dead or alive.

With this new detail to the agreement, the entire deal was threatened with senior Israeli political officials throwing a strong, hard-lined threat about the return of the soldiers coming before any actual agreement can be reached.

Israeli defense officials have since attempted to refute such a claim, saying that Israel must not be the government that breaks the deal before every agreement is met.

Rumors have also spread about the rationale for the Palestinian Authority’s lack of involvement in the deal.

Critics say this is in order to separate the Gaza Strip from PA involvement, creating an easier sphere of Israeli influence within the strip. Others say this is in order to pressure the PA into a reconciliation agreement.

The PA and Hamas have held longstanding disagreements since the last reconciliation deal last year. Since the signing of the agreement, also brokered by Egypt, the PA and Hamas blamed the other group for the breakdown of the deal that left PA officials in Gaza without pay and necessary funds withheld by Hamas.

Now, the groups involved with the deal have each other’s undivided attention as Netanyahu already canceled diplomatic obligations and Hamas continuously discusses the details of the deal.