Israel seeking to legitimize “Uday Aad” settlement outpost

PNN/ Nablus/
The Israeli Civil Administration is legitimizing the outpost of Uday Aad, which is located on the lands of the villages of Turmusayya, Mughir, Jalud and Qaryut, southeast of Nablus.
The move is part of the Israeli occupation authorities continued efforts to expand the settlements in order to legitimize dozens of “settlement outposts” in the occupied West Bank.
Building and strengthening the settlement project in the region will make it difficult to implement the two-state solution. Settlers’ control of the area will make the law enforcement process more difficult and prevent the implementation of the building and planning laws. This will allow the construction of more outposts and the control of more Palestinian land.
According to Haaretz, the legitimization of the settlement outpost and the expansion of the nearby ‘Amichai’ settlement will enable the occupying authorities it to control large areas of the Palestinian territories in the heart of the West Bank, since the settlement expansion will be located between Ramallah and Nablus.
The new “Amichai” settlement, located on the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, was set up to resettle the settlers who were evacuated from the settlement outpost of Amona.
The settlement currently houses 40 families. According to the plan adopted at the time of construction and construction of the settlement, the State plans to expand it through an additional 60 housing units in Phase I and another 300 units in the future.
These buildings allocated a large area in the Shilo area and close to several settlements and relatively isolated settlement outposts, including the “Shvut Rachel” and the “Shvut Shadet” settlement farm.
The settlement outpost “Uday Aad”, located a few kilometers east of “Amichai” settlement, was established on Palestinian land without permits or the approval of the Israeli government,which permitted settlers to move there, while also using the land for military and security needs.
The Civil Administration plans to rehabilitate large areas of land at the edge of the Uday Aad and, consequently, the area of ​​influence of the Amichai settlement will nearly triple.
The plan was unveiled through a response from the Civil Administration to the Palestinians, who initiated judicial proceedings and appealed the plan to expand the Amichai settlement.
Amichai is expropriating private land from Palestinian citizens, including agricultural land with an area of ​​more than 205 dunums. It was seized and confiscated last year, under the pretext of ‘military needs’ and controlled by the occupation army and considered ‘the territory of a state’.