Israel attempts to block EU’s planning of Palestinian transportation system


Israeli government officials have condemned the European Union plan to build infrastructure in areas of Gaza and the West Bank because of the EU’s decision to not consult with Israel, Hebrew newspaper Maariv reports.

The plan would provide a railway system, airports, seaports and roads for areas in the West Bank and Gaza in order to stimulate economic growth as well as connect the two areas for the benefit of a united Palestinian State.

The EU’s plan for this infrastructure is to establish growth that would benefit a relationship with a “future Palestinian State” as a valuable trade partner for the region.

Israeli officials have condemned this plan because of proposed construction in Area C, which is entirely controlled by the Israeli government. The European Union has dismissed this criticism, saying that no plans have been made for construction in Area C.

The EU also dismissed the criticism, saying “we do not need approval from Israel to formulate the master plan on transportation, therefore we did not ask for such approval.”

However, Israeli officials still condemn any efforts made to improve the human rights situation.

Transportation Minister Israel Katz is reported to have said “There will be nothing with substance without the return of the bodies.” He is referring to the proposed blocking of a deal that would partially lift the blockade on Gaza.