25 Knesset members request special session over Nation-State Law


The Knesset General Assembly held a special session on Wednesday to debate the racist National-State  Law, after 25 Knesset members submitted a request to hold the meeting during the Knesset’s summer break.

Although the speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, approved the convening of this meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to attend the meeting, since he is not obliged to attend unless the request is submitted to 40 Knesset members.

According to Israeli media, Netanyahu wanted to attend the meeting, but ministers and members of Knesset from the coalition government advised him not to participate in the hearing suggesting that he would be ambushed by members of the opposition.

Meanwhile, MP Wa’el Younis, of the Joint Arab List, resigned from the Knesset today and is due to be replaced by Nivin Abu Rahmun from Balad

However, Edelstein refused to accept Younis’ letter of resignation as it was written in Arabic, and demanded the letter be written in Hebrew. If the Knesset Speaker does not sign the letter, the resignation does not take effect.