UNRWA Crisis: It’s Not a Matter of Flour Bags & Sardine Cans By: Mustafa Bader

Since the rise of Trump to the Oval Office, UNRWA’s financial crisis reached its highest level of shortage and inability, after years of cumulative retreatment in service and aid providing for Palestinian refugees, due to the huge encumbrances versus the lack of appropriate funding.

In spite of UNRWA’s fundraising struggle, many countries & donors gave priority to other issues around the globe than the matter of Palestinian Refugees who’ve been suffering from the denial of rights in diaspora for the 70th year, in parallel with severe U.S. policy against the UNRWA in the context of financial blackmail and pressures on Palestinians, to submit political concessions in the unfair settlement with the Israeli Occupation.

The United States has been the largest donor to UNRWA since its creation in 1949, don’t just aim to use the reduction of financial aid to UNRWA as a leverage on Palestinian Authority, but as a start to end the cause of Palestinian refugees by shutting down the international organization responsible for them, & dissolve their formal attendance as a single united group internationally.

With more than 3 million patients benefits from UNRWA’s healthcare services, and nearly 500 thousand student go to 703 UNRWA schools, along with employments, aids, & more of its services, a massive humanitarian crisis is threatened to occur especially in the besieged Gaza Strip for the 11th year with majority of refugee’s population.

And while around a million besieged Palestinian refugees are demonstrating for their deprived priceless dignity, in Gaza Strip the biggest prison ever in human history, Several U.S. republican congressmen in D.C. are limiting the count of 5.3 million Palestinian refugees to 40 thousand, by issuing a new bill for UNRWA’s annual funding which only fits the number of current refugees who lived Nakba in 1948, “refugee status is not something that can be handed down from generation to generation” congressman Doug Lamborn said, who initiated the bill with other republicans.

What didn’t come to the mind of Israeli Occupation & Trump administration that neither deprivation of some Palestinian Refugees from their monthly aid of flour bags and sardine cans or the conversion of Palestinian Refugees cause from a major political matter to a temporal humanitarian issue may close a 70 years old file of misery unfairly, it’s just reminds Palestinians that they have a home to return to, where a generous Jaffa orange tree sparing its fruits for them.