Nabil Abu Rudeina sworn in as deputy prime minister and minister of information


Nabil Abu Rudeina will be appointed the posts of deputy minister and minister of information in the National Consensus Government under Rami al-Hamdallah, says Palestinian Authority spokesman Yousuf al-Mahmoud.

The spokeman confirmed that “this appointment was made in consultation between President Mahmoud Abbas and the Prime Minister,” adding that Abu Rudeina was sworn in by the president at 2 p.m. today.

The Fatah-controlled Palestinian National Authority has not successfully reconciled with the Hamas government in Gaza since the group’s overthrow of the region in 2006. Records from 2012 show that in past agreement attempts between Fatah and the Israeli government, the attempts depended on not reconciling with Hamas.

However, agreements between the groups have taken place and implementation of those agreements were loosely attempted. But the latest agreement which would have opened a border for Palestinians in Gaza to freely cross to and from Egypt collapsed just 10 weeks after the deal was signed.

Both Fatah and Hamas blamed the other side for the dismantling of the reconciliation agreement.

Egypt has now been working toward a new effort to reconcile the two groups and the appointment of Nabil Abu Rudeina in the National Consensus Government may have been the response that Hamas and Egypt needed in order to begin talks again.