MoH: 155 Palestinians killed by Israel since March 30

PNN/ Ramallah/

New statistics from the Ministry of Health about the victims of the Israeli open-fire policy on peaceful participants in the Great Return March since March 30 until the end of July show that 155 Palestinians were shot and killed and 17,259 suffered a variety of injuries, including gas inhalation.

Based on the data, among the dead 23 were children under the age of 18 and 3 women.

Among the injured, 3,279 were children and 1,553 women.

The ministry said that hospitals reported 404 severe injuries, 4,141 moderate and 4,354 minor injuries.

They also stated that 4,348 people were injured by live ammunition, 430 by rubber-coated metal bullets, 1,593 suffered severe gas inhalation. In addition, there were 2,700 various other injuries.

As for the locations of the injuries, 648 were in the head and neck, 374 in the chest and back, 409 in the abdomen and pelvis, 1,148 in the upper limbs, 4,546 in the lower limbs and 1,747 in other locations.

There have been 68 amputation cases, the majority in the lower limbs, two upper limbs and six fingers.

The ministry said that the direct targeting of medical crews led to two medical crews being killed and 360 injuries with live bullets and gas inhalation. In addition, 69 ambulances were damaged.

Source: WAFA News Agency