Palestinian poet sentenced to five months in prison

PNN/ Nazareth/

Palestinian poet, Dareen Tatour, 36, on Tuesday was sentenced by the Nazareth district court to five months in prison for sharing a poem on social media. The charge was ‘inciting terrorism.’

Dareen has already spent two years and ten months under house arrest, during which time she was unable to publish her work or access the internet.

In October 2015, she was arrested in during an Israeli police raid shortly after posting on Facebook and Youtube a video of herself reading the poem aloud during a montage of images of violent clashes between Israelis troops and Palestinians.

An International writers group called PEN, and  multiple human rights groups defended Dareen Tatour following her conviction in May using both petitions and issuing statements.

“Dareen Tatour has been convicted for doing what writers do every day – we use our words to peacefully challenge injustice,” it said.

Below is the full poem translated from Arabic to English.

Resist, my people, resist them.
In Jerusalem, I dressed my wounds and breathed my sorrows
And carried the soul in my palm
For an Arab Palestine.
I will not succumb to the “peaceful solution,”
Never lower my flags
Until I evict them from my land.
I cast them aside for a coming time.
Resist, my people, resist them.
Resist the settler’s robbery
And follow the caravan of martyrs.
Shred the disgraceful constitution
Which imposed degradation and humiliation
And deterred us from restoring justice.
They burned blameless children;
As for Hadil, they sniped her in public,
Killed her in broad daylight.
Resist, my people, resist them.
Resist the colonialist’s onslaught.
Pay no mind to his agents among us
Who chain us with the peaceful illusion.
Do not fear doubtful tongues;
The truth in your heart is stronger,
As long as you resist in a land
That has lived through raids and victory.
So Ali called from his grave:
Resist, my rebellious people.
Write me as prose on the agarwood;
My remains have you as a response.
Resist, my people, resist them.
Resist, my people, resist them.