Israeli Supreme Court to consider petition to stop demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem will on Wednesday consider a petition filed by the lawyers of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee on the cessation of the demolition of the village of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, east of occupied Jerusalem (between the cities of Jerusalem and Jericho).

The “Save Al-Khan Al-Ahmar ” campaign, launched by the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee, called on Palestinians of all sects to be present at night in the village, which is threatened with demolition, in conjunction with the court session.

Activist Abdullah Abu Rahma stressed that the protests at Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, the demolition-threatened village, helps pressure the Israeli government to cancel the decision to demolish the village and displace its inhabitants.

He pointed out that today marks the passage of 44 days for the steadfastness of the people of the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, and the activists of the popular resistance and foreign solidarity, who stood up to the bulldozers of the occupation with their bare chests.

On the other hand, a number of members of the Israeli parliament “Knesset,” composed a letter demanding the Israeli Supreme Court not to respond to the demands of the Palestinians, considering the response “surrender.”

Previously, lawyers for the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee have been able to file a petition to postpone the hearing on the Al-Khan Al-Ahmar case and freeze the demolition until August 15. However, the Supreme Court rejected the petition. The decision will be made today.

Member of the Executive Committee of the PLO Ahmed Majdalani said that what is happening in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar confirms the unwavering faith of the people and the leadership that supports all efforts to confront the settlement plan.

Majdalani told Voice of Palestine Radio that Israeli settlement measures in the Palestinian territories came with a green light from the United States.

With regard to the Arab rejection of the American “Deal of the Century” peace-plan, Majdalani said that the deal fell through because of the Palestinian and Arab rejection of it, which was made evident by the results of Trump’s visit to the region last month.