Activists anxious over Khan al-Ahmar court decision

Jerusalem /PNN/

Khan al-Ahmar may have finally received the international attention that it needed to avoid destruction, but activists, leaders and journalists are still preparing for what could be the demolition of an entire village.

The Bedouin village is centered inside the E1 area of the West Bank where Israel is hoping to annex large swaths of land in order to create disputable land surrounding Jerusalem.

Despite being illegal under international law, the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar may bring about a proposed “E1 Plan” to annex enough area in the West Bank to split the region into two different Palestinian lands.

Some analysts have said the E1 plan is meant to create three different isolated regions, a move that would nullify any hopes of a two-state solution.

What some say is about to be hundreds of protestors and activists will come to the Bedouin village in order to stay with the group no matter what the decision may be.

Some activists talked about the possibility of another extension of the decision. Something that the activists say both sides are prepared to redouble their efforts if this decision comes.

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