IOF kill Palestinian teenager in West Bank settllment


Israeli Occoupatin Forces killed last naight Ahmed Tarek Dar Yusuf Abu Ayouch (17 years old) from Kupper village north of Ramallah claiming that he stabed three Israeli settlers in Adam settlement near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

According Israeli media sources one of the three wounded, a 31-year-old, later died from his injuries after having arrived at hospital in critical condition, the hospital treating him announced.

A 58-year-old settler was said to be seriously wounded but stable the third settler, who also shot the Palestinian, was slightly wounded in the leg.

The Palestinian managed to jump the fence of the settlement and stab two passers-by, Israeli media reported.

On Friday morning the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village of Kupper northwest of Ramallah and raided the house of Ahmed Mohammed Tareq Dar Youssef, 17, and informed the family that they would return to the scene soon.

The mayor of Kupper village, Izzat Badwan, said that large IOF stormed the village and raided the house of the martyr and took measurements, and marked him, and informed his family that it will return to demolish soon, and searched the house and tampered with the contents.

He said that the Israeli occupation forces raided a number of houses in the village.

The IOF also arrested 3 Palestinians: Nasrallah Yousef Mishal, 17, and his brother Mohammed Mishal, 21, and Khaldun Barghouthi, 42.

He noted that the forces closed the road linking the villages of Cooper and Barham with the sirens.

Local sources confirmed that clashes broke out between Israeli soldiers and young men, during which a number of citizens were suffocated by soldiers firing tear gas before withdrawing from the village.

Other clashes broke out in the villages of Burham, Abu Shkheidum and Birzeit town, north of the city.