The Knesset Approved Racist Laws That Encourage Settlement and Establish Apartheid Regime

Bethlehem /PNN/ Madeeha Araj,

The Israeli Knesset approved the National Law with the majority of 62 members, 5 against and two abstentions, which means the establishment of racist regime. The National law stipulated that Israel is the Jewish people homeland, the right to self-determination in the Israeli State is merely limited to Jews, the emigration to get citizenship is for Jews only, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, Hebrew is the official language of the State; Arabic is no longer a formal language like Russian, and that the State encourages the Jewish settlement throughout Palestine.

The above mentioned law is considered the most dangerous one enacted by the Knesset as it draws the constitutional identity of the regime in a way that affects the interpretation of the laws in courts, where “the Jewish people alone is the sovereign in the state,” thus, justify discrimination in specifying the rights between Jews and Arabs, and legalize settlement on the occupied land of the 1967 aggression, thwart opportunities for a achieving 2 states solution and annuls the refugees right of return.

Simultaneously, the Knesset approved a draft law in the 2nd and 3rd reading presented by the Minister of Justice, Illit Shaked, which withdraws the Israeli high Court right’s to view the Palestinian appeals living in the occupied Palestinian territories of 1967.The draft law entitled the Central Court in Jerusalem the right to discuss the administrative decisions on issues related to planning and construction in the West Bank as well as restricting the Palestinian movement.

Within the context a report issued by Peace Now and the Israeli Freedom of Information Movement showed that Israeli authorities discriminate in the administration of the so-called “state lands” in the West Bank, occupied since 1967. According to Israeli data for 2011, 600,000 dunums of “state lands” were allocated to the settlements and 400,000 “to the Settlement Brigade,” which means that 370 dunums of land have been allocated to the settlements in return for 1 dunum for the Palestinians, and more than 18,000 dunums were allocated for Industrial and commercial settlement purposes in 2011. For each dunam received by Palestinians from the state land in the West Bank, settlement received 370 dunums that is a violation of the Hague Convention of 1907. Article 55 of the Convention stipulates that the Occupying Power shall be considered an administrative officer and beneficiary of the occupied public institutions and buildings as well as forests and farmlands.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance and the Israel Population and Immigration Authority are planning to use about NIS 380,000,000 from the sickness compensation fund collected from Palestinian workers working in Israel with permits in order to develop “crossings” through which Palestinians enter Israel. Israeli employers automatically deduct 2.5% of the wages of Palestinian workers for the “fund.”

According to the official data submitted by the Israeli occupation authorities on the basis of a petition submitted by “Kav LaOved” and “Association for Civil Rights in Israel”, the High Court reveals that a small percentage of Palestinian workers have received sick compensation e.g. In 2017-2014, 5% of the 70-50 thousand workers are entitled to sickness fees. According to data provided by the occupation State in 2018 stated that no Palestinian worker received the sickness fees “due to difficulties in working with the company that provides the state with medical documents.”

Within the context of settlement activities, the Israeli occupation authorities have approved a plan to open a settler road linking the “Ofarim” and “Beit Aryeh” settlements to the confiscated land west of Ramallah. Moreover, the Israeli occupation authorities announced the detailed plan (6-201), which aims to controlling an area of 324 dunums of the land of the citizens in the villages of Al-Loban Al-Gharbeieh and Aboud west of Ramallah