Israeli decisions to build 270 new settlements units on Bethlehem land 


Israeli Media published on Monday night new reports announcing plans to build 270 new settlement units on  West Bank town of Bethlehem governorate land.

According to the reports the new 270 settlement units will be build on the land of Al Khader village southwest of the governorate and on the land of  Beit Ta’mir village east of Bethlehem to expand settlement outposts.

Director of Palestinian Ministry to resist Israeli wall and settlement activities in Bethlehem Hassan Barijieh told Palestine News Net Work PNN that  Israeli government has submitted bids for the construction of 270 settlement units in the settlements of Naveh Daniel, located on the lands of Al Khader  town, southwest of Bethlehem, and the settlement of Kfar El-Dad, located on the land of Beit Ta’mir east of the Bethlehem governorate.

Barijieh said that 170 settlement units will be build in the settlements of Naveh Daniel and 100 other will be build in Kfar El-Dad according the Israeli reports.

Barijieh point out that these decisions came as part of the framework of the Israeli government’s plans to satisfy extremist settlers, condemning these racist Israeli decisions that contravene international norms and charters.

Barijieh also criticized the silence of the international community on Israeli settlement decisions & activities saying that its time for action not for words to stop Israeli settlement.

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