The funeral of a 15-year-old boy of Deheisheh refugee camp

By Simon Albaugh- PNN/ Bethlehem/

Arabic chants to the beat of the funeral parade steps took hundreds from Al-Hussein Governmental Hospital in Beit Jala, Bethlehem to the heart of Deheisheh Refugee Camp for the funeral of Arkan Tha’er Mizher, age 15.

Mizher was killed last night by IOF soldiers conducting a raid of Deheisheh. The soldiers used live rounds on a group of young people, sources say. Two others were wounded, while another two have been arrested.

Hundreds of people waited around the entrance to the hospital at noon on Monday waiting for the procession to begin. The crowd packed the courtyard of the hospital from the entrance to the road when members of the PFLP, one of the groups composing the larger Palestinian Liberation Organization, arrived to help the grieving father bring the young Mizher to the cemetery.

Video footage shows that the father was given one last opportunity to see the body of his son before PFLP members carried the body out of the Hospital for the proecession to begin.

At the first view of Arkan Tha’er Mizhir’s body, crowds began chanting for the memory of him. The group slowly brought his body to his father’s home in Deheisheh, closing the main street of Beit Jala for the long walk.

Around 1,000 people had joined the walk when it finally reached the father’s home. Grieving friends and family watched from the balconies of their apartments as the chanting group crowded inside the narrow alleyways of Deheisheh.

From Deheisheh, the group took the young Mizher’s body to al-Shuhada Cemetery in Irtas Village. Crowds met the procession and buried Mizher.

Footage by Simon Albaugh, Naseem Abu Khudier