Gaza protests on Friday, 29 June 2018. Credits: PCHR

Israel alleges incendiary kites an obstacle to ceasefire deal

PNN/ Gaza/

Negotiations for an end to the incendiary kites flown from Gaza over the Israeli border prove difficult for Hamas as the death toll in Gaza’s March of Return continue to rise and rumors spread of another war.

Conflicting accounts among news outlets write that the group responsible for the Kites, Gaza’s Incendiary Unit, have their own demands for an end to their protest. While other news services such as the Saudi Newspaper Asharq al-Awsat write that Hamas will negotiate with the group to stop flying the burning kites.

However the Incendiary Unit said in a statement that rumors of Hamas ending their protest are false. The peaceful resistance will not end until the 11 year siege of the Gaza Strip has been lifted, the group said.

No Israeli casualties have been reported from the burning kites, while at least 1,400 Gazans have been wounded and 132 killed from IOF attacks on the March of Return protest as of July 19, writes the Times of Israel.

One IOF Casualty was reported on Friday July 20 from a separate cause.

Many Israeli lawmakers have demanded immediate action against the Incendiary Unit. Citing damage to Israeli-owned land around the Gaza-Israel border.

“A Kite in the Gaza Envelope should be treated like a rocket,” said Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel has “no choice” other than to launch a “wide scale and painful military campaign” if the incendiary kites and other forms of attack do not end.

So far, 600 kites have been flown from Gaza, with only 200 flying into Israel proper. The rest were intercepted by drones or other means.