Gaza Report: Two Palestinian scientists found dead in Algeria


Two Palestinian scientists were found dead in an apartment in Algeria, reports in Gaza said on Sunday.

The two, identified as Suliman al-Farra, 34, and Mohammed Albana, a 35-year-old physician, from Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip.

According to reports, they were found in al-Farra’s apartment and the Palestinian embassy in Algeria told the family of one of the deceased that the two died of gas inhalation or due to a short circuit.

Some Palestinian reports said that they were assassinated, however, there was no confirmation from the authorities

Local sources in Gaza assure that the two died as a result of the diversion of butane gas “cooking gas” and not as rumored on social networking sites.

The source added in a statement  for local news Agency  in Gaza ” that the death occurred two days ago and was discovered by  incident on Sunday evening after the neighbors smelled the smell of gas scattered in the building.

The  statement also added that  police found one of the body  near the door, indicating that he tried to open the door to ask for help, while the other found lying on the bed.

the report pointed out that the Algerian police moved the bodies of the two youths to the hospital for an autopsy and to find out the circumstances of the incident..

Albana’s brother said on Sunday, “We don’t have any more details, I expect the authorities in Algeria and the Palestinian embassy there to do everything necessary to understand what happened.”

According to his brother, both families were trying to locate the men and called on Palestinians in Algeria for help.

They broke into the apartment where both men were found dead.

Palestinian scientists and experts around the world have been killed in recent years in assassinations alleged to be carried out by Israel’s Mossad espionage agency.