Netanyahu meets with leaders of Gaza envelope settlements

PNN/ Gaza/

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday met with nine leaders of the Gaza envelope settlements in Sderot settlement, at the northern borders of Gaza.

Heads of settlements complained about about their constant concern about “Palestinian rockets” and the inability of the Israeli army to protect them.

Netanyahu said that the recent confrontation led to the destruction of tunnels and sites for Hamas, adding that the army was instructed to eliminate the phenomenon of “planes and burning” balloons and that this task is under implementation.

Netanyahu reiterated threats against Hamas, saying it had to understand that it is facing a “wall of steel” and that Israel will “hit at the right time.”

On Friday, two Palestinian teens, 15 and 16, were killed by Israeli fire on Gaza, raising the death toll in
Gaza 140  since the start of the Return Marches on 30 March.

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