Three Gazans injured by Israeli fire following ceasefire deal

PNN/ Gaza/

At least three people were injured in an Israeli raid on a house in Hay Al-Tuffah area, east of Gaza City, hours after the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements announced late on Saturday that a cease-fire agreement and a return to the 2014 understandings had been reached after regional and international mediation.

Following the fire, sirens sounded in the settlements of the Gaza envelope, and Israeli media reported that two mortar shells landed in the Eshkol regional compound without causing casualties.

On Saturday, two Palestinian teens, aged 15 and 16, were killed  by an Israeli airstrike that hit a building in Gaza.  Ten people were injured in the strike.

In total, the Palestinian health ministry said 25 people were injured by retaliatory Israeli strikes on the enclave.

The Palestinian resistance in the strip responded by firing rockets towards Gaza envelope settlements. Four Israelis were reportedly injured by shrapnel from the strikes.