PM Al-Hamdallah meets with the people of Al-Khan Al Ahmar

PNN/ Jerusalem/

PM Al-Hamdallah met with the people of Al-Khan Al Ahmar and neighboring communities and instructed the Ministers to meet the demands of the community, conveyed the greetings of President Abbas to them.

Al-Hamdallah praised all the solidarity activists endorsing the resilience of Al Khan Al Ahmar, following the Israeli bulldozers plans to demolish the entire village of Al Khan Al Ahmar and forcibly displace 170 Palestinian citizens from the Bedouin community who live there in order to pursue with the Israeli illegal colonial so called “E1 Plan” that comes to contradict all United Nations Resolutions and International law guarding the Palestinian rights.

In addition, a statement from Al-Hamdallah’s office said he visited the families of Al Khan Al Ahmar to confirm the Palestinian government commitment to serve, engage and support the resilience of the Palestinian community against the Israeli illegal plans leading to undermining the two-states solution and the possibility of an independent, sovereign and geographically contiguous Palestinian state.

 In his spoken statement with the presence of the official representatives of the European Union, Turkey, and Brazil, Al Hamdallah stated:

“I salute all Palestinian families living in Khan Al Ahmar, Palestinian civil society members, members of Palestinian political parties, official representatives of all countries friends of Palestine, and all journalists for gathering to defend Al Khan Al Ahmar and to endorse the Palestinian non-violent movement against the Israeli violations and crimes. In addition to all diplomatic and political efforts led by the Palestinian leadership and Palestinian government that succeeded in a temporarily halt of the Israeli illegal demolition orders of the village untilAugust 15th, yet Israel is expected to continue at any moment to expand its illegal settlements.

Al Khan Ahmar is a battle of ethnic cleansing and forcible displacement of our people and the International community must stop its condemnation and take concrete and quick steps to hold Israel accountable for its war crimes in Al Khan Al Ahmar and the rest of the Palestinian occupied territories.

As Israel continues with its war crimes with no accountability we are in crucial need to activate all United Nations Resolutions and International law mechanisms to provide International protection for our people in front of the brutal Israeli army.

The government, under the guidance of President Abbas has put the what so-called “Area C” as top priority in its political agenda by implementing projects in the marginalized areas for the Bedouin communities and the areas behind the Israeli separation wall to enable to serve, meet their needs, and endorse their existence.”