File photo: Palestinian cabinet meeting

Palestinian Cabinet expresses refusal of US “deal of the century” 

 PNN/ Ramallah/ 

The Palestinian Cabinet upholds the position of the Palestinian leadership, led by President Abbas, dismissing any deal that disrespects the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people, deplores illegal Israeli measures imposed on Gaza and further demolition plans of Khan Al- Ahmar, and approves the establishment of a local commission for Khan Al-Ahmar affairs.” 

The Palestinian Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah, expressed its support for the Palestinian leadership refusal of the so-called “deal of the century” or any other similar and related deals. The Cabinet confirmed that the Palestinian people would continue to confront any deal that would infringe on their fundamental rights until the establishment of an independent and a sovereign State of Palestine on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. The Palestinian Cabinet also thanked the neighboring Arab countries for their fully backing up the Palestinian position adhering to the legitimate Arab and international resolutions.

The Palestinian Cabinet yet noted that future negotiations should be based on the foundations of international legitimacy and international law, and on ending the racist measures of the occupation practiced against our people such as settlements, Gaza blockade, settler attacks, and illegal demolitions.

The cabinet, moreover, condemned the latest illegal Israeli decision to close Karam Abu Salem Crossing and to restrict the fishing zone in Gaza to six miles only.  “This is a clear example of the Israeli collective punishment policy against 2 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip,” the Cabinet stated, adding that, “the crossing is vital for the entry of goods and medical supplies. Therefore, it must remain open.”

The Cabinet strongly denounced the illegal Israeli demolitions in Abu Nuwar and harsh measures implemented in Khan Al- Ahmar.  The Israeli government insists continuing its colonial project that aims at displacing the Palestinian people forcefully from their own lands for the establishment of more illegal colonial settlements and the implementation of “E1 plan” to isolate Jerusalem from the West Bank and cut off Palestinian access to the city. “This is again a clear violation of international law and all United Nations Resolutions protecting Palestinian rights, especially resolution 2334.

Additionally, The Palestinian Cabinet criticized the Israeli attacks against Palestinian civil society members, the Minister of Jerusalem affairs, and the denial of the European official representatives from entering Khan Al-Ahmar.

In a different context, the Cabinet expressed its deepest gratitude to Benjamin Ladraa,  the Swedish international human rights defender and activist, who walked more than 4,000 kilometers for 11 months in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The Cabinet considered the Israeli authorities move to ban Ladra from entering Palestine is against the universal culture of peace and freedom.

Concluding its session, the Cabinet congratulated the Turkish President Erdoğan for his success in the presidential elections of Turkey. The Cabinet also noted that Dr. Al-Hamdallah attended the inauguration ceremony of Erdoğan on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas. In addition the cabinet stated that Dr. Al-Hamdallah has met with the heads of the Arab and International  delegations participating in the ceremony, and he briefed them on the ongoing Israeli violations, especially the illegal settlement expansions, land confiscations, displacement of the population, and the need to support the initiative of President Abbas to convene an international peace conference to reach a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue.